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Hello Darlings… © file: PHELPS SPORTS JET

We are sure you have missed us, but we have been so busy! As usual WE have to thank MASON PHELPS  for the loan of THE PHELPS SPORTS JET… WE aren’t sure why he got so annoyed when WE kept it for months at a time! That pilot is so handsome – WE sent the plane back and kept the pilot! And, when talking to MASON, don’t bring up the fact that his beautiful boat sank up in Canada…

THERE was a lovely service at the USET Headquarters in Gladstone for FRANK CHAPOT. It was a standing room only crowd…. Owners, trainers, grooms, vets and friends all came to honor FRANK. The pictures and videos shown were terrific! Few people knew Frank served in the Air Force and was a pilot.

MARY, WENDY and LAURA were presented a beautiful Olympic Flag by a fellow Olympian © staff: Frank Chapot gathering at USETrepresenting the USOC…. BILL STEINKRAUS, who is now in his nineties,  spoke so eloquently about his longtime friendship with FRANK… GEORGE MORRIS entertained everyone with his historic view of FRANK and his record breaking record of Nations Cups wins… JOHN MADDEN spoke of how FRANK took him under his wing when he was a fledgling trainer. PETER LEONE spoke of FRANK’S great patriotism and desire to win for the Team. Each seat in the tent had a navy blue USA hat with FRANK’S Olympic record on it.

THE NATIONAL SHOW HUNTER HALL OF FAME has sent out the nomination ballots. Each year every horseman is offered the opportunity to nominate and help elect the owners, riders, horses and trainers who will be inducted© file: Merion Cricket Club at the MERION CRICKET CLUB, May 31, 2017. Contact THE HALL OF FAME office at –  for more information. © sportfot: Jimmy Torano and Day DreamThe deadline for nominations is January 15, 2017.

CONGRATULATIONS to JIMMY TORANO (left) who won the Grand Prix in New York City on a nice young horse ! Everyone an Harrisburg thought the Finals judging was excellent.

WE HEAR there has been a uncomfortable situation at a © BUZZ: shockedhorse show, when the judge decided he’d waited long enough for the last competitor and walked out of the judge’s stand… And this is the short version… OH DEAR … What an uproar this has caused and never text © cealy tetley: Nick Skelton tearsanything you don’t want the FED’S Hearing Committee to read !!

CONGRATULATIONS TO NICK SKELTON (left) WHO WON the Show Jumping individual Gold medal at RIO !!! A great horseman, rider and competitor who overcame injuries to himself and his horse over the past few years…His horse jumped the very best ! Bet the Pub he owns in the UK handed out lots of beer. It has been fun to see all the © file: Ludger Beerbaum - medalpictures of Nick and his pals wearing Nick’s Gold Medal.

GOODBYE to LUDGER BEERBAUM (right) who is retiring from Nations’ Cup competitions… One of the sports all time best.

© Kenneth Kraus/ Kiki Umla prior toSAD TIMES….Most people knew better than to try to sneak you into the spectator tent when KIKI UMLA (left) was at the gate. She did one of the most difficult jobs at the horse shows with style and grace. She was always beautifully dressed and accompanied by one of her ever faithful, beautifully behaved dogs. From organizing “The Five Dollar Ring” in Palm Beach a million years ago helping with all the charity events – there was no one who did it better.

SHE will be missed.  © Kenneth Kraus: Sarah Cavanaugh

SARA CAVANAGH, (left) the editor & owner of the HORSE OF DELAWARE VALLEY publication is also a thoroughbred breeder. She is having a great year with her homebred racehorse !

RODNEY JENKINS had a great win with PHLASH PHELPS on Maryland Million Day.

He also has a very nice colt, Top of Mind, who won an allowance race as well.

R. J.’s boys are terrific basketball players and UNJIN is an amazing artist.

WE HEAR that the Board of Health may start attending selected horse shows in the near future… It seems there have been a large number of © file: oxycleancomplaints regarding the condition of some riders’ clothes… At a recent major horse show in Pennsylvania, one internationalista appeared to have been sitting in the muck tub all the way from her home in Canada – the seat of her britches was sooo dirty… At the beautiful Del Mar horse show the same condition was noted with other riders…Don’t use the excuse that it is due to the stain on your alphabet letter saddle – try cleaning your saddle.

Since when did it become acceptable for riders to forget or not bother to clean and polish their boots for weeks on end??? Sending your riding jacket to the cleaners would not be considered a hardship  – but it would be a pressing improvement !

YOU never saw BILL STEINKRAUS, FRANK CHAPOT or GEORGE MORRIS looking like they dragged their riding clothes out of the hamper. You shouldn’t either.

IF IT IS so important to have your sponsor pad on your horse, why not wash it once in a while !

DARLINGS – It is time to clean all this up… Even some of the trainers, especially one high profile, © file: shadbellyinternational traveler is in need of some spiffin’ up. The holidays are coming and perhaps his friends could give him a gift card for a dry cleaners or at the very least an iron to press his clothes.

AND LASTLY, so as not to ignore the hunter riders… Ladies – the bottom of your shadbelly jacket should be at the waist, not so high that it looks like a training bra with the tail of your shirt sticking out. Take a look at yourself from the back – some of the britches are way too tight for the size of the bottoms crammed into them. Keep your collars neat and tidy when going into the ring to ride or for a presentation… Actually, an unfastened collar may be reason for elimination in some divisions.

WHY WOULD anyone proudly post a picture of his or her horse showing off the pink and yellow ribbons, pinned to the raggedy halter in the poor horse’s dirty stall?? Of course the rider had taken of his or her jacket, forgotten to comb his or her hair, and looked not as well dressed as the girl who was selling snow cones at the food concession….

TOO MANY horses go to ring with mediocre turn out – Dapples and shine and clean tack are the winning way…

It takes more than a fake tail to really turn out a horse. And by the way – if you are truly against horse slaughter, shame on you for using a fake tail… Just where  the heck  do you think they come from !!!

IF YOU are unable to figure this all out yourselves, just look at riders like JIMMY TORANO, SCOTT © Kenneth Kraus: Laura LinbackSTEWART, JANE GASTON or JOE FARGIS. They are dressed for success every day for every class and look every part of a winner.

WE HEAR that LAURA LINBACK (left) is progressing very well with her rehab… She is back riding – cantering and doing poles on the ground ! She has learned to knit to help with her dexterity – send your size and you might get a sweater !!


JULIE BUSH  (right) passed away after a long illness. She and JONI © file: Julie Bush WERTHAN made Tennessee’s WARIOTO FARM a name everyone knows… From breeding lovely horses, standing hunter stallions and showing some of the very nicest hunters. The horses were turned out the best !

JULIE always made you feel special when you saw her, sparkling eyes and beautiful smile…She always made you feel wonderful  – as though she was waiting to see just  you !!!  

OUR condolences go to her dearest friend JONI and her family.

© Kenneth Kraus: Billie Steffee 9-15-06BILLIE STEFFEE (left) passed away after a long bout with cancer. She was a leader – not only in the horse world, but in her community as well.  Her lovely farms in Kentucky and Ohio turned out outstanding winners in the show ring and will be remembered for standing the nice stallion ALL THE GOLD.

The horse world was a better place because she was a part of it and she will truly be missed by her friends across the country.

THE PENNSYLVANIA NATIONAL HORSE SHOW inducted two of America’s greatest horsemen into their Hall of Fame….

MARY CHAPOT (right) joined her husband FRANK D. CHAPOT who was previously inducted. She  was surrounded by her daughters LAURA and WENDY, as well her grandchildren.  Originally from© Kenneth Kraus/ Mary Chapot 1-20-07 California, MARY rode and won at nearly every major competition in Europe for the USET, as well as in the United States.

SHE trained her daughters all through the ponies, junior hunters and jumpers. She trains her dogs to compete in dog agility competitions.

© Kenneth Kraus: Harry GillHARRY R. GILL (left) was also inducted into The Hall of Fame. Perhaps best known as the owner of IDLE DICE, he fox-hunted, showed, trained race horses and was a major sponsor of many riders. An all around horseman, he purchased hundreds of horses over the years in a search for the special ones. HARRY’S wife, SHERRY ROBERTSON, accepted the beautiful crystal bowl on his behalf…

THE WASHINGTON INTERNATIONAL HORSE SHOW inducted FRANK D. CHAPOT into their Hall of Fame. There may never be another American rider with his record of international success.

NOW IT IS off to THE NATIONAL HORSE SHOW in Kentucky… MASON PHELPS (right) will get out © pmg: Mason Phelps - orange pantsthose famous orange pants. The tables will be sold out and the presentations will be done with style. If you are lucky enough to win one of those beautiful sterling trophies, make sure you take the time to look at the engraved list of winners – it is a history lesson!

Take the time to visit the Museum and see the riders, owners and trainers who did the sport so well. Too few of today’s rider are very educated about the sport.

AS THE YEAR winds down… Make sure you remember the people who make all this possible.

© file: good manners Make sure you give your grooms a very nice tip.

DON’T make the show secretary, feed man, tack shop, vet or farrier have hunt you down to be paid. Think about giving your horses a break before your race off to the next show ! Pay your trainer promptly.

Buy the beautiful photograph a professional took of your horse and don’t be tryin’ to steal it off the internet.

Thank the managers and ingate folks… Smile and say thanks to the parking guys…  

Good manners are the best way to be remembered.

All The Best,


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