NAL Jumper Finals Conclude with Adult Win From Lindsey Tomeu and Low JR/AO by Mimi Gochman

Lindsey Tomeu and Bonapart win $10,000 NAL Adult Jumper Final. © Al Cook Photo
Lindsey Tomeu and Bonapart win $10,000 NAL Adult Jumper Final. © Al Cook Photo

Harrisburg, Penn. – Oct. 21, 2017 – Lindsey Tomeu of Wellington, FL, and Bonapart won the $10,000 NAL Adult Jumper Final Presented by SmartPak at the Pennsylvania National Horse Show, presented by the Lindsay Maxwell Charitable Fund, at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg, PA.

Tomeu was one of 14 entries from the starting field of 29 to qualify for the jump-off by riding clean over the first-round course designed by Bernardo Cabral of Portugal. Last to go in the jump-off, the 23-year blazed over the course fault-free in 27.776 seconds to beat the time of 28.761 turned in by Paige Kouimanis on Lexus and claim the NAL Final win for the third time.

“This is his third time in these Finals and the third time he’s won it which is probably why this is one of his favorite shows,” Tomeu said her of her 16-year-old partner with whom she’s been paired since 2014. “Any time I overdo it with him I lose; I’m much better off if I don’t think too much and I just let him go and do his thing.

Lindsey Tomeu and Bonapart. © Al Cook Photo
Lindsey Tomeu and Bonapart. © Al Cook Photo

“I like to go last but usually I try not to watch the class because I get too anxious. Today I did watch a few in the jump-off because we were deciding whether to go inside to jump three or to just gallop around and we decided to gallop around. He’s so fast and so careful that if I just let him do what he needs to do then he usually pulls though.

“The NAL is a great league. I make it a goal to win the league every year,” she added when reminded that she has also won the year-long season standings three times. “I don’t chase points but winning the NAL is definitely a goal.”

Finishing third behind Tomeu and Kouimanis was Kimberly Beattie on Charmander with a clean jump-off ride in 28.985 seconds.


$10,000 NAL Adult Amateur Jumper Final, sponsored by Smartpak
Place / Horse / Rider / Owner / R1 Faults | TA:64 / JO Faults | TA:38
1. Bonapart / Lindsey Tomeu / 0 | 58.737 / 0 | 27.776
2. Lexus / Paige Kouimanis / 0 | 58.591 / 0 | 28.761
3. Charmander / Kimberly Beattie / 0 | 60.948 / 0 | 28.985
4. Kix / Alison Wichman / 0 | 62.661 / 0 | 30.414
5. Electra / Kendra Sue Walmer / 0 | 61.651 / 0 | 31.078
6. Co-Starr / Stephanie King / 0 | 57.354 / 0 | 31.272
7. Black Friday / Alyson Gurney / 0 | 59.702 / 0 | 31.499
8. Prince Royal / Courtney Logan / 0 | 60.971 / 0 | 32.232
9. Skys Burnin Blue / Phoenix Cooke / 0 | 54.702 / 4 | 27.891
10. Britta Of Berga / Jennie Towner / 0 | 60.119 / 4 | 31.012
11. Oilean Uno / Joy Slater / 0 | 62.358 / 4 | 31.251
12. Secretive / Clara Ciancuillo / 0 | 59.464 / 4 | 32.295

For full results, click here.

Gochman Tops the NAL Low Junior/Amateur Owner Jumper Finals at the Pennsylvania National Horse Show

Mimi Gochman and Everest De Muze. © Al Cook Photo
Mimi Gochman and Everest De Muze. © Al Cook Photo

Mimi Gochman, 13, from Palm Beach, FL, showed everyone just how it is done in the $10,000 North American League (NAL) Low Junior/Amateur Owner Final at the Pennsylvania National Horse Show presented by the Lindsey Maxwell Charitable Fund, held at the Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg, PA.

Mimi Gochman and Caleno 3. © Al Cook Photo

Gochman was the only rider of the 29 starters to jump the course without penalty or time faults, not once but twice. She went 10th in the order with Everest De Muse, owned by Evergate Stables LLC, and 26th with Caleno 3, owned by Gotham Enterprizes LLC. Both horses were clear to advance to a jump-off, but Gochman chose to save her horses and decided the winner by their times on course. Everest De Muze finished the course in 64.273 seconds for first and Caleno 3 had a time of 68.371 for second place.

The course, designed by Bernardo Cabral, who hails from Lisbon, Portugal, proved to be the nemesis of the other riders but not Gochman. “It was a nice course,” she said. “The challenge was really the second line. If you choose to do six and really get up there or to do seven and just know that you were going to get there easy. On my first horse I did the six, because he is always good at coming back to me. On my other horse I did seven because he has a very big stride and it is easier to get him to collect. The other difficult part was going out of the turn to the last line. It was on a weird angle with only about two strides to the last line.

“This is my first year doing jumpers at Harrisburg,” continued Gochman. “It is very exciting. The ring isn’t as small as I thought it would be. But you do have to keep your horse together, if they get strung out it is very hard to get them back in such a tight ring. For the jumpers I just concentrate on being very accurate. Keeping all the jumps up and supporting my horse. My goal is to do the highs next year, maybe the Prix de States.

Gochman accepts the awards for Everest De Muse and Caleno 3. © Al Cook Photo

“My horses were both very good today. To me they are both winners.”

The NAL hosts National Finals annually at the Pennsylvania National Horse Show in Harrisburg, PA, and West Coast Finals at the Las Vegas National Horse Show in Las Vegas, NV. Both Finals include the following five divisions – Children’s Hunter, Adult Hunter, Children’s Jumper Presented by EquiFit, Adult Jumper Presented by SmartPak, aaleno #nd Low Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumper.


10,000 NAL Low Jr/Ao Jumper Final, sponsored by North American League
Place / Horse / Rider / R1 Faults | TA:69 / JO Faults | TA:40
1. Everest De Muze / Mimi Gochman / 0 | 64.273
2. Caleno 3 / Mimi Gochman / 0 | 68.371
3. Airbrush / Elizabeth Mckim / 1 | 69.279
4. Cortina 200 / Carley Mcinerney / 1 | 69.297
5. Ecamorka / Jaime Auletto / 3 | 71.780
6. Infinity 3E / Ann Holliday / 4 | 63.189
7. Atlodetto FZ / Olivia Lawton / 4 | 64.061
8. Twitter / Natalie Jayne / 4 | 64.882
9. Diva / Bailey Doloff / 4 | 65.051
10. Ultimate Z / Elizabeth McKim / 4 | 65.920
11. Luftzauber / Kelly Tropin / 4 | 65.991
12. Baronesse / Morgan Champey / 4 | 66.070

For full results, click here.

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