Marilyn Little and Carona 93 Steamroll Their Way to Victory in 2nd Annual PJA Fall Grand Prix

© Jenna Elliott: Marilyn Little and Carona 93
Marilyn Little and Carona 93

Littlestown, Pa. – Sept. 11, 2016  – The 2nd Annual PJA Fall Grand Prix sponsored by English Riding Supply was the featured event of the PJA Fall Classics 3 day all jumper show held at the Swan Lake show grounds.

In remembrance of the 15th anniversary of 9-11, a moment of silence was observed before the start of the Grand Prix. Course builder Paul Jewell set a technical 16 effort course for the 31 starters, which saw 8 horses move forward to the jump off.

First in the jump off was Matt Hollberg on “Czechmate” jumping clear in 40.456. Next to return was Marilyn Little riding “Corona 93” racing around the short course to a clear effort in the winning time of 38.599. Katia Manuel-Adams returned on “Califoria” and posted 8 faults in 45.994. Next to challenge was Brooke Kemper riding her own “Classified” to a clear round in the second place time of 40.268.

Hugo Huesca returned on “Sati de la Violle” to a clean round in 47.184. Matt Hollberg was back in the ring riding his own “Aletta”, in his valiant effort to take back the lead, Matt had a spectacular crash through the last fence, resulting in elimination. Fortunately Matt and “Aletta” were both unhurt.

Marylisa Leffler was next in the jump off riding “Carlot” to a clean round in 42.342 moving in to fourth place. Last to go was Amanda Forte riding MHS Automatic to a 4 fault effort in the second fastest time of 39.655 for a sixth place finish.

Marilyn was delighted with her big grey mares performance and was very happy her parents, Ray and Lynn Little, were in attendance to share in the celebration.

2nd Annual PJA Fall Grand Prix

1st. Corona 93-Marilyn Little-0-0-38.599
2nd. Classified-Brooke Kemper-0-0-40.268
3rd. Czechmate-Matt Hollberg-0-0-40.456
4th. Carlot-Marylisa Leffler-0-0-42.342
5th. Sati de la Violle-Hugo Huesca-0-0-47.184
6th. MHS Automatic-Amanda Forte-0-4-39.655
7th. Califoria-Katia Manuel-Adams-0-8-45.994
8th. Aletta-Matt Hollberg-0-elim
9th. Bling Bling-Marylisa Leffler-4-67.788
10th. RF Coheeries-Marilyn Little-4-67.991
11th. Z Adermie 56-Sally Glassman-4-70.617
12th. Innocent Nina-Filip Dewandel-4-73.707

Photo By Jenna Elliott

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