KAREN HEALEY NEEDS OUR HELP – An Open Letter from the California Professional Horsemen’s Association

© Kenneth Kraus: Karen Healey
Karen Healey

Hi Ken,

I run the California Professional Horsemen’s Association Foundation and I am trying to raise funds for Karen Healey. She recently applied for aid which we gave what we can (we are pretty small) but not nearly enough to get her some real help. She is in the midst of a financial crisis due to health issues.

She spent most of December and January in the hospital or rehab to help her walk. I was hesitant to pass on her issue publicly but when I spoke to her she had no problem with me trying to get her funds. She mentioned a Go Fund Me account but I think our foundation can give her more of the monies collected.We are a 501C-(3)  association and we try and help (CPHA) professional horseman in need.

I am reaching out to you as I was hoping you could get the word out on the east coast. Ijump Sports will be posting out here and I am trying to get the whole country covered as Karen has worked everywhere. She has done a lot for this sport and I am hopeful people will want to help.

People should make their check Payable to the CPHA Foundation and put a note with the check saying it is for Karen. I can take credit cards as well but there is a 4% fee for processing unless I take it off the top which I would not like to do but the Foundation cannot afford to pay those fees.

The donations are tax deductible but everyone should talk to their own tax accountant for further explanations.

Checks should be sent to the following address:

CPHA Foundation
10153 ½ Riverside Dr.
Suite 391
Toluca Lake, CA 91602

I really appreciate anything you can do to get the word out and please don’t hesitate to call me with any questions.

Thank you,


Ruth Frazier

CPHA Executive Director
818-955-9500 Office
818-558-5772 Fax
818-288-0815 Mobile

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