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Hello Darlings –

This morning’s trip to the mail box was highlighted by the NATIONAL SHOW HUNTER HALL OF FAME request for nominations!

Filling out the form and enclosing a check are the easy part – but choosing the ladies, gentlemen and horses for possible inclusion on the final HALL OF FAME ballot is not…then choosing the Horse Show of the Year and Derby of the Year!

If you haven’t received a ballot call 859-533-9676 or send an e-mail to 

The annual awards dinner will be held at the beautiful MERION CRICKET CLUB in Haverford, Pennsylvania on Tuesday, May 29, 2018, and everyone who sends in the nomination ballot and joins receives an invitation to the inductions.

This is the best evening of the year – it is a veritable who’s who of the horse world!



ROBIN ROST AND OTIS BROWN were recently married in a lovely ceremony at the Biltmore! Best of luck for a wonderful life together!!


get wellOH DEAR…. WE hear that MEREDITH MCLAUGHLIN has been under the weather!! Make sure you give her a call or send along a card !


WE HEAR that a certain well known horseman, (of the hunter ilk) was asked to leave the bigtime Quarter Horse show he was judging in Oklahoma City… Apparently management was more than a little annoyed by his arrogant and condescending behavior, and his complaining about the show not providing travel to his early morning pre-horse show gym appointments…three strikes and you’re out off town!


MIKE RHEINHEIMER passed away recently at the age of 54…

He was truly one of the good guys who worked at the horse shows. Dressed in a baseball cap, jeans most of the time, and a puffy warm jacket he was a tireless worker at the horse shows. He did everything – from management of shows like The Pennsylvania National to course design at The National Horse Show and Pony Finals, Hall of Fame member at his high school, he was an award winning course designer, built jumps, thoroughly enjoyed his stable and all the work owning a stable entails.

Mike was a man who gave so much to the sport – he shared his knowledge with everyone and gave a hand to anyone who needed for help. He was a hard worker and had a great sense of humor. No job at the shows was beneath him.

He was a family man of the first order… Two brothers DEAN & ALLEN, two daughters HILLARY & MADISON and, of course his lovely fiance’ AMANDA LYERLY will miss this larger than life man…


las vegasTHE SOUTHPOINT CASINO in Las Vegas was the site for a recent horse show and World Cup Qualifier – what an amazing building with all indoor, climate controlled, 2,000 permanent stalls in a stabling area which is just a short walk from the casino. When you arrive at the show you can check into your hotel room in the show office and there are bellmen who will take your luggage right to your room from the stable area! Lots of areas to ride – both inside and out. The rings courses were nicely decorated – only complaint was how LOUD the ring music was!!


MISSY CLARK escaped serious injury when a crazed man, dressed in black smashed the driver’s side window of her car using a hatchet… Being the smarty that she is, she threw her hot coffee in his face and stepped on the gas pedal… She dragged him through the parking lot until he finally let go of her arm – just as her husband, JOHN BRENAN, came out of the hotel.

JOHN chased the man but was unable to catch him! Imagine how upsetting it was to find the hatchet inside her car and the back of the seat where she was sitting slashed!!


WE hear there has been yet another deadly accident on South Shore in Wellington…

Too much to drink… No seat belts… Driving too fast…

get home safeEvery year it happens and The Palm Beach County Police turn a blind eye to the bad behavior at the clubs in Wellington. Why aren’t the police on site? Why aren’t there roadblocks with testing for over the limit alcohol levels and checking cars for drugs? Huge fines and jail time would stop this nonsense.

Why don’t these clubs lose their licenses serving drunken patrons and underage drinkers?

And, while this will certainly be an unpopular comment, why can’t Wellington’s winter visitors take responsibility for their own behavior and not expect others to organize rides home for the drunks and those who cannot live without self medicating?

At the very least put on your seat belt so you aren’t ejected from your car.

NEWS FLASH! After years of fatalities when the horse show and polo gangs come to town, The Village of Wellington is finally taking some steps to remedy the problem. “OPERATION WILD STALLION” – Wellington says, “There won’t be any leniency for impaired drivers.”

That only took years to put in place.


George MorrisWHO IS more amazing than GEORGE MORRIS – he is still doing his clinics – taking the stirrups from the poor unsuspecting riders and handing out better advice than they might ever understand, riding difficult horses – the man is amazing!

The clinic which was to held at ARCHIE COX’S stable had to be canceled due to the major fires burning in California.


ride tvRIDE TV is a cable channel that shows just a little bit of everything – from western riding to the best of U.S. and European show jumping and dressage. THE COWBOY CHANNEL also has great shows!

Check them out!!


Bill Steinkraus galloping along the beach at Ostend in 2007. Photo: Phelps Media Group Archive/Col. Poudret

WILLIAM C. STEINKRAUS passed away recently…

All too often the word “great” is tossed around the horse business…but in Bill’s case he was great…

Bill Steinkraus and Fleet AppleHe rode with a style and class that is rarely seen anymore. He won the gold medal in the Olympic Games in Mexico over a course of huge jumps on Snowbound, a Thoroughbred horse with a dicey tendon.

He won the two major Equitation Finals and the Saddleseat Equitation Finals – all in the same year!!

He went in the Army during the war and spent time in India with his violin close at hand. Bill had been promised to be in a mounted division, but when that didn’t pan out he carried on – you would expect no less.

BILL was a gentleman of the first order – he lived the part, dressed the part and was ever charming.

Any time spent with him was a gift. He was a thoughtful horseman who wrote several books on his ideas about riding… Every rider should read these books – over and over again.

He was a seemingly shy man who shared his thoughts with friends – never bragging – just speaking in that soft, lispy voice WE will always remember.

Recently, a group of his friends traveled to Connecticut to visit with him and present him with THE FOUNDERS AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE from THE NATIONAL SHOW HUNTER HALL OF FAME. Bill was ever so pleased and placed it on his piano next to Olympic medals and other wonderful treasures!

Bill SteinkrausDAVE WRIGHT tells the story of riding after school at the Ox Ridge Hunt Club. Every once in a while Bill would walk over to the ring and watch the youngsters ride, never saying a word. Dave says once they noticed MR. STEINKRAUS’ presence, they all shortened their reins, sat up straight and stopped talking!

Everyone in the sport has lost a charming man, a great man, a gentleman, a great horseman who gave more to the sport than he ever expected in return.


OH NO!! CALIFORNIA is burning and along with it, many homes, stables and horses…

FRANCIE STEINWEDELL & DICK CARVIN lost the entire stable at MEADOWGROVE… Thankfully, they were able to get all the horses out.

ARCHIE COX & JORGE HIDALGO were able to get their horses out of their farm, but while there was damage to outbuildings, the main stable complex is fine. JORGE’S videos frightened everyone as he kept people up to date.

More than 50 horses have died in the fires in California at different venues.

BOBBY DRENNAN who has been under the weather, awoke to smoky, dark sunrise – darker than Dracula’s face! And then a ‘phone call telling him it was time to leave his home. With pictures, clothes and some memorabilia he couldn’t bear to leave behind he drove away to stay with friends, wondering if he would have a home when the fires were extinguished.

While social media is so self absorbed and often very annoying, it is wonderful that so many people were helping organize shipping and stabling for the orphans from the fire.

Hundreds of race horses were turn loose at a training center when flames swept through. The grooms raced from stall to stall, chasing the horses out of the barn – giving them a chance at survival. One trainer was placed in an induced coma after suffering terrible burns while turn the horses free from the burning barns.

These men and women are true heroes !!


WE READ in the recent Town Crier Newspaper (was there ever a more appropriately named rag for that area?) that coyotes (the four legged kind not to be confused with the two legged variety who have been there for years) are moving into Wellington and taking all sorts of small animals…

Make sure you keep your pets in sight and safe!


james parkerWE love seeing the terrific old pictures JAMES LESLIE PARKER posts on social media! He is an amazing photographer, historian of the sport, and has changed the face of horse shows with his popular BOOK… Where else can you have a personal photographer capturing your year in horse showing?


YOU MAY have read how skier turned race horse trainer BODE MILLER was going to change the face of horse racing. He bought an expensive barn at The Fairhill Training Center in Maryland, and set out, rather smugly in fact, to prove his ideas regarding training were better than anyone else’s…

Well, there’s a sold sign on the barn and Bode has gone on to comment on ski racing.

This horse training thing ain’t as easy as it looks.


DID YOU KNOW there is a rule change in the works “which will provide a forum outside of the courtroom, in which evidence may be presented to show that another member has made untruthful statements or misrepresentations in a horse transaction between them? “….. This one could get dicey.


HANK HULICKHANK HULICK has a birthday coming up on Christmas Eve. Give him a call or send a card – 71 South Nelson Road, Sterling, Mass, 15643. Few people know what an excellent horseman HANK is… His kids and horses won every fancy prize in their time, he is the guy who initiated “HORSE WATCH” which has saved so many horses from midnight their escapes and colics !


trucksDID YOU KNOW that every truck, including private trailers will be required to have an electronic device installed on the engine which will keep track of the number of hours the rig is driven? YIKES!! No more than 11 hours driven and the truck and trailer need to stop and it is nap time for the driver… Even with a load of horses on! Check this one out – it will make a big difference on your shipping. This is a federal mandate!


jack steddingJACK STEDDING recently passed away in West Palm Beach, Florida after a long illness. A life long horseman from Maryland, he came from a family of horsemen. He ran a top flight East Coast show stable, training everything from kids on their first ponies to amateurs at the top shows. He gave many young professionals a leg up on their careers. Jack had a terrific sense of humor and had a stable of funny sayings.

Jack rode many hunters to success at all the shows, fixed the ones other people didn’t want to ride and was in demand to show young horses and ponies in the breeding divisions.

JACK’S luckiest moment was when he met LINDA ANDRISSANI. Together they were a great team in and out of the stable.

He suffered a stroke nearly 14 years ago at the Washington Horse Show while shaking out bedding in the stalls and from then on, Linda put her life on hold and took care of him, in addition to her judging at the major shows.

There wasn’t a better dinner partner than Jack – he told the good old stories and made you laugh until you cried!

A lovely reception was held at PATTI and BRUCE SCHINDLER’S beautiful farm on a sunny day, overlooking the beautiful Worthington Valley Hunt Country that Jack loved so much. The tent was full, luncheon was served and a video was shown of Jack’s horses, pals and clients.

Jack was a terrific guy and he will be missed in the horse show world.



DID YOU KNOW that there is a new USEF RULE in the works that would require every single person signing an entry blank at a recognized horse show to:

#1. Have taken THE SAFE SPORT course and passed the SAFE SPORT test.

#2. Completed the Back Round check for which there is a charge.

#3. Completed the Federation approved test on Equine Drugs and Medication basic.

#4. Completed the Concussion Training.

The only exception would be a parent who is signing in the absence of a junior’s trainer.

JEEZE LOUISE – Don’t those Fed folks realize many of America’s horseman never read anything tougher than “See spot run”???


SEEMS LIKE WE have run out of stuff to say and before ya’ get all offended by what WE write, just remember one thing,

BUFFY and NELL own the cornerlot on bitchiness so don’t even bother getting warmed up…

merry christmas



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