Everyone’s Friend, Ellen McKeever Veitch, Has Lost her Battle With Cancer

 © Kenneth Kraus: At the time, we callled this one - Queen Ellie emerges from her throne!
At the time, we called this one – Queen Ellie emerges from her throne!

ELLEN CONWAY VEITCH passed away just the other day after a long, long battle with cancer.

I don’t know of anyone who didn’t love Ellie. Her demeanor was amazing, considering she worked in some of the busiest horse show offices in the world. Always a smile, always a yes, always a © Kenneth Kraus: Ellie at Capital Challengegreat to see you!

She was a Steward and horse show secretary who officiated at some of the very best shows… THE NATIONAL, THE CAPITAL CHALLENGE & many of the Kentucky horse shows.

She was a horsewoman through and through and was a lady surrounded by a family great horsemen…© Kenneth Kraus: Ellie with KY Horse Show crew

Her father was HALL OF FAME MEMBER DANIEL CONWAY, an outstanding judge and great horseman.

Her husband, JOHN VEITCH, trained for Calumet Farm and squired the famous ALYDAR through his great racing career, officiated as a racing steward, has trained Breeders Cup winners.

ELLEN’S great smile and sense of humor will be missed by everyone.

Thanks to Buffy and Nell for help with this report

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