Esmarelda’s Top Ten Devon Essentials!

Our team here at Phelps Media Group is looking forward to another exciting few weeks at the historic Devon Horse Show and County Fair! We are packing up our bags with all of our horse show essentials, with a little bit of extra baggage this time around.

Equestrian Creative Network’s Esmarelda has traveled all the way to Wellington, Florida, to see what it’s like to work at Phelps Media Group, and much to our suspicions, she has been slacking off! To show her what hard work looks like, we’re sending her with our Devon media team so she can finally make herself useful.

Her trip to Devon is not without her requirements, however. This diva filly was sure to submit her top ten essentials for life on the road, and also insisted that we share them with the world.

So, as requested, here are Esmarelda’s top ten essentials for the Devon Horse Show!

1. Suitcase

The first order of business is having a great suitcase, especially one that can store a ton of items for someone as high-maintenance as Esmarelda.

2. Ringside Pack

Having all of your essentials together in one bag is key. This ringside backpack has a lot of different compartments to keep all of Esmarelda’s things nice and organized, and has padded straps for optimum comfort.

3. Digital SLR Camera

Horse show coverage can’t be done without a great camera! Having a camera on-hand for Esmarelda will help when we need her to start covering classes on her own!

4. Sundress

Esmarelda picked this dress out, but any sundress is a must-have for Devon. Dresses are perfect for those long, hot days ringside at the Dixon Oval.

5. Portable Phone Charger

Horse show days can be long and outlets can be scarce. Esmarelda needs her portable charger at all times to stay connected to the world via social media.

6. Raincoat

Weather is always unpredictable, especially horse show weather. Being the diva that she is, Esmarelda would melt if she had to step foot in the rain without a raincoat so she needed one on-hand just in case.

7. Sunscreen

The sun can be unforgiving during a long stay at the horse show. To cater to Esmarelda’s delicate skin, she applies sunscreen every day to protect her from the sun’s harsh rays!

8. Hat

When Esmarelda isn’t wearing her most eclectic hat to beat out the Devon competition, she needs one that is perfect for everyday use. A sun hat is great to pair with her sunscreen to protect her skin from the sun.

9. Sunglasses

Sticking with the sun theme, Esmarelda needs a great pair of sunglasses to avoid the glare while she’s covering classes!

10. Water Bottle

Hydrating at shows is especially important. A reusable, refillable water bottle certainly comes in handy! Esmarelda prefers these water bottles for their stylish designs.

What will you be packing in your Devon Horse Show travel bag?

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