California’s Middle Ranch Evacuated as Wildfires Continue

Lakeview Terrace, Calif. – Dec. 5, 2017 – Middle Ranch in Lakeview Terrace, California was evacuated this morning as wildfires continue to come dangerously close to the equestrian facility. Home to many prominent athletes including Archie Cox and Dick and Francie Carvin, all horses have left the premises at this time. The fires are near the fence line, but the ring and all paddocks have been watered to help keep the flames at bay. Firefighters are currently on-site to help keep everyone safe.

The George Morris clinic scheduled to be held at Brookway Farm today has since been canceled and hopes to be rescheduled tomorrow at a different location, but nothing has been finalized at the time of this report.

Earlier today Archie Cox commented, “I am not an alarmist by any means but this is very scary.”

According to a Facebook Live video from Jorge Hidalgo who is with Cox, they have been asked to stay in the ring at this time while firefighters are working on taming the flames because the roads have become unsafe.

In the latest Facebook video, Hidalgo reported the barns were on fire.

*1:30 pm Update: Cox and everyone at Middle Ranch have safely been evacuated!

PhelpsSports will continue to update as we know more.

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