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Eduardo Tame
July 21, 2013
Down Mexico Way - Nicolas Pizarro, Two Continents Operation
By Eduardo Tame
Sunday, July 21, 2013 :: Posted 08:52:02 PM EDT

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 © Eduardo Tame: Nicolás Pizarro

Nicolás Pizarro has topped the Mexican Jumping Riders Ranking for more than a year.  A professional trainer and Olympic veteran, he runs his business in three continents.  Sometimes he is competing in Europe or Canada, while his clients may be with him or in México or the USA.   He just returned from Canada.  Competing in Spruce Meadows with several horses and training Sofia Larrea and Ricardo Nizri  together with amateur rider Gabriel Guerra, while others riders were in the USA and in Mexico participating in other events.

© Eduardo Tame: Nicolás pizarro riding Skylubet
Nicolás pizarro riding Skylubet at the Masters in Spruce Meadows in 2011.

Nicolás was part of the Mexican Team at the Masters two years ago, when the Team finished in fifth place riding Skyulubet (Baloubet du Rouet), but the mare since has returned to his owner Ricardo Nizri who rode her at both Nation's Cups at Wellington and Spruce Meadows last month.  Pizarro competed at the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky in 2010 as well as in the Olympics in London.  At the Pan-American Games in Guadalajara he was a a sure member of the Team until the last trial where his horse stumped in an in and out falling and  preventing him to be in the Team, however was the alternate.

© Eduardo Tame: Nicolás Pizarro at Otomí
Nicolás Pizarro at Otomí, San Miguel Allende, with  Colasko

After a successful five weeks in Canada he returned his horses and his client's to Mexico, while he travel to California where for some more weeks some other clients will be competing in Showpark and Del Mar.   While in Spruce Meadows his main horse, Crossing Jordan (Champion du Lys) was injured when Nicolás himself was lounging him,  and will be out of competition for at least four months.  He continued his participation with Colasco and Polasko (by Polidor).  Both are from the same mother, Wizvilina by Granus.  Colasco is a 8 years old and is the main candidate to be the main horse for this rider, his sire is Colman.   Another son of the same mare, Calasko, died while traveling from Mexico to Spruce Meadows, he was owned by Manuel Senderos.

Originally planned to fly the horses, but Canada changed the sanitary and quarantine conditions at the last minute, and these were so difficult to comply with, that they decided to travel by land, even though they had already paid the plane.  A 9 days journey.   First one day to the USA Mexico border where they were retained for 3 days, and from there 5 days journey to Calgary.

© Eduardo Tame: Nicolás Pizarro in Guadalajara with Arozarena and Rodríguez
Nicolás Pizarro in Guadalajara with Arozarena and Rodríguez.

Andrés Arozarena is one of the group in California.  Andrés already entered a Grand Prix in Mexico, and Nicolás want him to enter at the Grand Prix in California as well.  Together with Andrés also in California are Gonzalo and Andrés Azcárraga (competing hand to hand with their father, veteran Olympic rider Jaime), Eduardo Riba and Iñigo Rodriguez.  Nicolás is not riding in California, his horses will return to Mexico and rest until the first week in September.  He will begin at the Otomi Grand Prix in San Miguel Allende.

At the same time his operation in Mexico is handed by four trainers: Brazilian Jefferson "Mane" Martins,  Emilio Rodríguez, Paulina Martínez and Arturo Hernández.  His company is named Cuadra Macaria.  While in Spruce Meadows Cuadra Macaria was present at Guadalajara in Mexico, Circuito Caballería in Mexico City, Arizona and Canadá in the same week.  Afther each horse show each trainer report the results to a central in Mexico City, where all are analyzed and entered in the web page www.cuadramacaria.com as well as in Facebook and Twitter.   Rocío, Nicolás wife, is the main person in this operation organizing not only the main office in Mexico as well as the international agenda for Nicolás.

© Eduardo Tame: Enrique González, Montando Por México MXM
Enrique González, Montando Por México MXM

But Nico is also part of Montando por México (riding for Mexico) a company organized by industrial magnate Carlos Hank González, a rider himself as well as his wife and sons.  This company has ties with Paul Schokenmöele in Germany, and Norbert Nuxol travels frequently from Germany to follow up on the training.  

© Eduardo Tame: Nicolás Pizarro and Fernando Martínez at the Mexican National Championship 2012.
Nicolás Pizarro and Fernando Martínez at the Mexican National Championship 2012.

This group is formed by four different types of riders: Olympic Veterans like Nicolás and Enrique González, Senior members as Sofía Larrea, Gonzalo Azcárraga and Fernando Martínez, Young Riders and Juniors:  Antonio Chedraui Jr, Jorge Canedo, Juan José Zendejas, Andrés Azcárraga, Juan Pablo Gaspar, Paulina Escobar and Carlos Hank Guerreiro.   Juan Pablo is part of the Mexican Team competing at the Young Riders Championships in the Junior division and was the Children Champion at the World Championship held in Avándaro in México.  Although some of these are Young Riders, Montando por México do not wanted to send them to the NAYRC this year but to continue the training and have a strong Team for 2014.  These riders are Chedraui, Zendejas, Azcárraga and Canedo.  Paulina Escobar will participate at the German Friendships this Summer and  Fernando Martínez is now riding a new string of horses from La Escondida  from Monterrey, México, including Chepepe,  also by Champion du Lys as well as Crossing Jordan. 

© Eduardo Tame: Fernando was awarded with the Hermes Trophy at Paris, France,  last year as the best coming rider from México.
Fernando was awarded with the Hermes Trophy at Paris, France,  last year as the best coming rider from México.

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