Aachen to Kick Off New Cycle of Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping Series

The Main Stadium © CHIO Aachen/Andreas Steindl
The Main Stadium © CHIO Aachen/Andreas Steindl

The mecca of the equestrian sport, the World Equestrian Festival CHIO Aachen boasts the world’s top athletes for competition in the five disciplines of jumping, dressage, eventing, driving and vaulting before crowds of 350,000 fans from July 14-23. Founded in 1898, Aachen is long-standing on the list of the top international events. In addition to elite equestrian competition, the event includes a folk festival and large party. Guests from the media, show business, and politics come to enjoy the exceptional atmosphere of the Soers showground, alongside families and fans from all over the globe.

The prestigious Grand Prix of Aachen, the Rolex Grand Prix, is the first of the 2017 Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping events. As successful Canadian show jumper Eric Lamaze said, “The Rolex Grand Slam integrates four successful shows into one big idea.” Searching for perfection, riders hold big dreams of conquering this difficult quest.

Rolex Grand Prix winner of CHIO Aachen 2016, Philipp Weishaupt. (c) Andreas Steindl/CHIO Aachen
Rolex Grand Prix winner of CHIO Aachen 2016, Philipp Weishaupt. © Andreas Steindl/CHIO Aachen

The Major tournaments of the Rolex Grand Slam include the CHIO Aachen, the CSIO Spruce Meadows ‘Masters’, the CHI Geneva and the recently added Dutch Masters (to premiere in 2018). These four exceptional events offer high prize-money at stake totaling 5 million Euros (Aachen: 1 Million Euros; Spruce Meadows: 2.1 Million Euros; Geneva: 1.1 Million Euros; ´s-Hertogenbosch: 800,000 Euros). This will be the first year a rider is able to benefit from the new, even more remarkable bonus system of the Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping.

On top of the extensive prize-money offered at each event, riders are presented the chance to win a bonus. If one rider successively wins the Grand Prix at three of the four tournaments, they win the Rolex Grand Slam and another one million Euros in prize money. If that same rider then wins a fourth Major in succession, they will be rewarded with an additional 1 million Euro bonus. It is only the rider that counts, so it is possible to claim the bonus riding different horses. This system is infinite and is not limited to a calendar year – it is a never ending story.

In 2015 British show jumper Scott Brash wrote history when he became a living legend as the first rider to win the Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping. Building on his 2014 CHI Geneva and 2015 CHIO Aachen Rolex Grand Prix wins, he secured the third consecutive Major victory after emerging as the only rider to jump both rounds clear in the “CP ‘International’, presented by Rolex” at the Spruce Meadows ‘Masters.’ No other rider has yet to join Brash, but as the current ‘live contender,’ Pedro Veniss of Brazil is hoping to change that. He will challenge this weekend’s competition for a chance at a second successive Major win, building on his Rolex Grand Prix victory at CHI Geneva in December.

Pedro Veniss riding Quabri de l'Isle, winner of the Rolex Grand Prix. Copyright: Rolex Grand Slam
Pedro Veniss riding Quabri de l’Isle, winner of the Rolex Grand Prix. Copyright: Rolex Grand Slam
Pedro Veniss has his sights set on the Rolex Grand Slam trophy. Copyright: Rolex Grand Slam
Pedro Veniss has his sights set on the Rolex Grand Slam trophy. Copyright: Rolex Grand Slam

Aachen will also showcase the CSIO5* Mercedes-Benz Nations Cup on Thursday, July 20. The United States means business with a strong list of noteworthy riders, including the top two FEI World ranked riders. With an impressive lineup, Team USA is one of the favorites to win. The following athletes will make up the Hermès U.S. Show Jumping Team led by Chef D’Equipe Robert Ridland:

  • Kent Farrington (Wellington, Fla.)
  • Lauren Hough (Wellington, Fla.)
  • Laura Kraut (Royal Palm Beach, Fla.)
  • Beezie Madden (Cazenovia, N.Y.)
  • McLain Ward (Brewster, N.Y.)

The competition will culminate on Sunday, July 23, with the show’s highlight, the Rolex Grand Prix. The Main Stadium at Soers will see 40 competitors challenge Frank Rothenberger’s demanding course of 1.60m obstacles over two rounds of jumping, concluding with a jump-off.

You can follow all of the action on ClipMyHorse.TV. CHIO Aachen has also created a new app, offering news and entertainment where you can get active and judge some of the competitions as a “digital judge”! The CHIO Aachen app is available to download in the App Store or experience on Google Play.

Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping Dates:
CHIO Aachen (Germany): July 14-23, 2017
Spruce Meadows ‘Masters’ (Canada): September 6-10, 2017
CHI Geneva (Switzerland): December 7-10, 2017
The Dutch Masters (Netherlands): March 8-11, 2018


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View the full rider list below or click here.

  BEL Belgium Chef d’Equipe: Peter Weinberg
DEVOS, Pieter Claire Z, Dream of India Greenfield, Espoir, Flash (YH)
PHILIPPAERTS, Nicola Chilli Willi, H&M Harley v. Bisschop, H&M Zilverstar T
PHILIPPAERTS, Olivier Alfonsine Manciaise (YH), H&M Cabrio van de Heffinck, H&M Forever d’Arco ter Linden, Ikker
VAN ROOSBROECK, Catherine Gautcho Da Quinta, Qiazetta Z, Shou d’Ouilly (speed)
WATHELET, Gregory Coree, Eldorado van het Vijverhof, Iron Man van de Padenborre, Sandero (YH)
  BRA Brazil
MENEZES, Eduardo Balou’s Captain (YH), Caruschka 2, Quintol
VENISS, Pedro For Felicila, Quabri de l’Isle, Tresor de Varende (speed)
  CAN Canada
LAMAZE, Eric Chacco Kid, Fine Lady 5, Jewel 8 (YH), Thalis de la Roque
  CHI Chile
PAROT, Samuel Atlantis, Quick du Pottier (speed), Romance du Criolo
  ESP Spain
ALVAREZ MOYA, Sergio Carlo 273, Charmeur, G&C Wolf (YH), Iron Man 111 (speed)
  FRA France Chef d’Equipe: Philippe Guerdat
ANGOT, Cédric Saxo de la Cour, Virtuose d’Eole (YH)
BOST, Roger Yves Qoud’Coeur de la Loge, Sangria du Coty, Sunshine du Phare, Vino d’Espinet (YH)
BRIAND CHEVALIER, Bernard Qadillac du Heup, Uneven Sunheup
ROZIER, Philippe Quartz Rouge, Rahotep de Toscane, Unpulsion de la Hart
STAUT, Kevin Ayade de Septon et HDC, Elky van het Indihof HDC, Reveur de Hurtebise HDC,Vendome d’Anchat HDC (YH)
  GBR Great Britain Chef d’Equipe: Di Lampard
BRASH, Scott Hello Forever, Hello Senator (YH), Ursula XII
COUPE, Nigel Golvers Hill, Jubilee III
HUTTON, Samuel Concho, Happydam, Iloica v. Bisschop, Jumpy van de Hermitage (YH)
SMITH, Robert Bavi, Cimano E, Ilton
WILLIAMS, Guy Mr Blue Sky UK, Rouge de Ravel, Titus
  GER Germany Chef d’Equipe: Otto Becker
team EHNING, Marcus Baccarat 14 (YH), Calanda 42, Funky Fred, Pret A Tout
team KLAPHAKE, Laura Catch Me If You Can 21, Silverstone G
team KUTSCHER, Marco Balermo, Chaccorina, Charco (YH), Clenur
team TEBBEL, Maurice Camilla PJ, Chaccos’ Son
team WEISHAUPT, Philipp Asathir, Call Me Eva (YH), LB Convall
AHLMANN, Christian Caribis Z, Cornwell 9 (YH), Dolocia, Taloubet Z, Tokyo 2 (speed)
BEERBAUM, Ludger Chacon 2, Chakra 9 (YH), Chaman, Chiara 222
BEERBAUM, Markus Carlito’s Way 6 (YH), Charmed 2, Comanche 28
BLUM, Simone DSP Alice, Flying Boy
HASSMANN, Felix Balzaci, Cayenne WZ, Sig Captain America (YH), SL Brazonado (speed)
HETZEL, Holger Come To Win 51, Legioner, Thunder Girl (YH)
KLIMKE, Ingrid 528 Parmenides 4 (speed)
KUKUK, Christian Casanova 467 (YH), Cordess 2, Limonchello NT
MEYER-ZIMMERMANN, Janne Friederike Chloe (speed), Fortuna (YH), Goja 27, Indi 28
MICHAELS-BEERBAUM, Meredith Calle 67 (YH), Daisy, Samurai 501
MOORMANN, Rolf Clintina 4, London Life (YH), Samba de Janeiro 3
RÜPING, Philip Chalypsa (speed), Clinta, Messenger
STEVENS, Mario Baloubet 4, Credo 17, El Bandiata B (speed), Landano 17 (YH)
THIEME, Andre Aretino 13, Contadur (speed), Conthendrix
WULSCHNER, Holger BSC Cha Cha Cha, Catch Me T, Choco Latino 2 (YH)
  IRL Ireland
ALLEN, Bertram Hector van d’Abdijhoeve, Izzy By Picobello, Molly Malone V
O’CONNOR, Cian Callisto, Copain du Perchet CH (speed), Good Luck, Lukas 1054 (YH)
  ISR Israel
BLUMAN, Daniel Apardi (speed), Sancha LS
  ITA Italy Chef d’Equipe: Roberto Arioldi
BUCCI, Piergiorgio Casallo Z, Diesel GP du Bois Madame (YH), Driandria, Ugano de Coquerie
DE LUCA, Lorenzo Armitages Boy, Ensor de Litrange LXII, Jeunesse van’t Paradijs (YH), Limestone Grey
GARCIA, Juan Carlos Cocodrillo, Gitano v.Berkenbroeck, Zilver
GAUDIANO, Emanuele Carlotta 232 (YH), Caspar 232, Chalou, Corbanus, Jasper P d’15 (speed)
MARZIANI, Luca Saxo des Hayettes, Tokyo du Soleil
  MEX Mexico
FERNANDEZ, Federico Bolt (speed), Guru, Landpeter Do Feroleto, V.I.P. (YH)
  NED Netherlands Chef d’Equipe: Rob Ehrens
HENDRIX, Michel Baileys, Don Diablo HX, Eretto (YH)
HOUTZAGER, Marc Edinus (YH), Sterrehof’s Baccarat, Sterrehof’s Calimero
POELS, Aniek Athene, Barry White 3, Cosma Go R
SCHUTTERT, Frank Chianti’s Champion, Winchester Hs
SMOLDERS, Harrie Don VHP Z, Emerald N.O.P., Hos d’O, Monaco (YH), Zinius (speed)
  PER Peru
VALDEZ PRADO, Alonso Chichester 3, Chief
  POR Portugal
DINIZ, Luciana Delia VDL (speed), Fit For Fun 13, Winningmood
  SUI Switzerland Chef d’Equipe: Andy Kistler
FUCHS, Martin Chica BZ (YH), Clooney 51, Cristo, Victoria
GUERDAT, Steve Arcange de l’Arc (YH), Bianca, Dioleen, Hannah
MUFF, Werner Casstina H (YH), Coranto, Daimler, Pollendr
PETER STEINER, Nadja Capuera II, Celeste 26, Saura de Fondcombe
SMITS, Edwin Dandiego BZ, Rouge Pierreville
  SWE Sweden
VON ECKERMANN, Henrik Cantinero, Chacanno, Cortina 212 (speed), Louie 9 (YH)
  USA United States of America Chef d’Equipe: Robert Ridland
FARRINGTON, Kent Gazelle, Uceko, Voyeur
HOUGH, Lauren Cornet 39, Dasino (YH), Ohlala, Waterford
KRAUT, Laura Confu, Deauville S, SFS Vincomte (YH), Zeremonie
MADDEN, Elizabeth Breitling LS, Coach, Darry Lou, HHS Hercules (YH)
WARD, McLain HH Azur, HH Carlos Z, Rothchild


Nations: 18 Athletes: 67 Horses: 219


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